Before I Start School

I’m going to go start school now. I actually have a reason to  because since my mom is a sneaky little (censored word) who can read minds, she’s decided to uphold my journalism textbook until I finish 10th grade math. Which consists of 4 100 page each books. So basically I’ll never get that textbook and I will be the first self taught journalist who gets as famous as Dave Barry. Or I won’t get any job and we’ll all know who to blame. But that’s not what I’m here to write about. I was actually just going to say that I have a few funny pictures you might want to see before you start your day. Or after depending on when you get online


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  1. Dad Said:

    how come you’re that much behind,…hmmm…? well get on with it, grid your teeth and a bit of elbow grease… and it’ll all be done in no time!

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