This Is Real

“A team of six players sits at a study table… Six cards are placed face down on the table, and each player picks one and flips it over. Typically, five of the cards are green and marked ‘Safe’; the sixth, with a yellow skull and crossbones means that its holder must endure a bizarre ‘punishment’ challenge.” – Wikipedia

  • Juiced Foot: The player must drink a glass of grape juice, freshly stomped from a vat of fruit by a woman with very dirty feet.
  • School Scratch: The player dons a set of headphones connected to a microphone, which is positioned to pick up the sound of a rake being dragged across a chalkboard.
  • Bugged Feet: The player puts on a pair of galoshes filled with bugs and must walk in them for 20 seconds.
  • Electric Puzzle: The player must complete a jigsaw puzzle in 30 seconds while electric shocks are administered at random times.
  • Floating Chew: The player lies faceup on the table and must eat a bite from each of six pieces of rotten food suspended above his/her head.
  • Old Soup: The player lies supine on the floor, while a trembling elderly man eats a bowl of hot soup above his/her face. The soup drips, splatters, and pours on the player’s face.
  • Extinguished: The player is given a cupcake with a lit candle stuck in it and must try to blow out the flame. However, it is a trick candle that keeps relighting itself; after several seconds, a firer fighter in full rescue gear runs in and sprays the player with a fire extinguisher.
  • Safety Car: The player sits in a toy car and is pushed by teammates into a wall. Upon impact an airbag filled with white powder explodes in the player’s face.
  • Suspender Strike: The player attaches a pair of suspenders to his/her pants, and a teammate must pull them back as far as possible and let go so that they snap against the player’s body.
  • Chocolate Stretch: The player must eat five dangling chocolates, while wearing an elastic band into his/her forehead.
  • Big Bust: The player must have a balloon under his/her shirt and must have the balloon inflated until it pops.
  • Not Happy Hour: Five of the players are selected for this challenge and must drink a scorpion bowl filled with a revolting concoction of sauces within 30 seconds.
  • Dish Water: The player must drink a glass of water from a tub of soaking, dirty dishes brought in by a busboy
  • Sweet Red Corn: The player has 30 seconds to eat a lipstick covered corn on the cob.

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