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I Love Japanese People

Please watch this. Just because I want you to see how cool Japanese people are


Cuteness Overload

For You Girls


Happiness Overload

Can’t write long. It’s rather late and unfortunately Seiko doesn’t exactly share my love of blogging. Just wanted to write a short blog post about how extremely overjoyed and totally happy I am that Kim Yuna won the Olympic Gold Medal!!!

This picture has nothing to do with the Olympics, but it's really cool

AND she set a new world record for most points EVER in a short program and most points ever in a program in general. I think. But what I’m trying to say is that she’s totally awesome, and I know I’m Japanese and my mother thinks its heresy that I was rooting for her, but I was hoping she would win and she did, so that’s great and all’s well that ends well. I’m so proud of her, I feel like I had something to do with her medal. And you never know.

And in closing, I think Mao Asada could have taken her loss a tiny tiny tiny little bit better. I understand she was disappointed and all, but a lot of other people made a whole bunch of mistakes and they were probably mortified but they got over it pretty quick and moved on. Like that one really tall girl from Russia (?) She fell over 5 times and her performance was really bad (SORRY! I love you!) but she still looked happy in the end. Maybe she wasn’t jumping up and down for joy but she wasn’t wading around in a puddle of her tears either. And Miria chan was 4th place and she practically soared into the air. But in Mao’s favor, I saw her on NHK a few hours later and she was saying how she had wanted to win but that she was glad she got silver. So she snapped out of her grumpy attitude pretty quick. Good for her.

This picture is how the Olympics turned out, but the dresses and medals are all different. I don't know why

Evan Lysacek, Michael Jackson and Chris Brown

Commence swooning

Thoughts On Skating

I was talking with Anita today about how in a few decades time, figure skating will have grown in such leaps and bounds that we will be seeing a five spiny jump instead of just three or the very rare four. I mean, when figure skating started, a triple lutz was deemed impossible and look now. EVERYONE does it. And until a while ago a quad was unthinkable. Look at Plushenko and Joubert. They do a quad in every performance. So I’m very justified in thinking that we will be seeing fiveys sometime, if not soon, eventually. And how will we go about this? They will have springy skates! So every time they do their jumps, they’ll go soaring into the air! We can fly! Or we’ll attach little motors to the skates. And they’ll putt-putt-putt their way to the gold!!! I should patent this stuff…..

OR that could happen. Too much motor power I think

Winter Olympics

We are presently watching the Winter Mens Figure Skating Competition again….Brian Joubert…What happened? I know you must have been nervous and all, but you really looked like you just stopped caring about how you did in the competition. But you’re still cute so I’ll forgive you. And you DO skate awesomely. Although it seems like you’ve got the Olympics jinx. Better luck next time.


And dear dear Evgeni Plushenko.  You were so generous to come out of retirement for our enjoyment. Maybe you didn’t get gold 2 years running, but you’re still the best in  my book. And walking away from the Olympics with a silver medal is still amazing. Don’t re-retire just yet. You’ve still got what it takes. And you’ll want to go out with a gold. See you again at the next Olympics. (Fingers crossed!)


EVEN LYSACEK!!! Congratulations on your gold medal!! I think you totally deserved it. You’ve spent too many years standing in second and third place. Good for you. Good luck retaining your crown next year. (You won the gold medal so you get TWO pictures. Thats really special)



And dear dear dear Takahashi Daisuke. You did us all proud. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for getting the FIRST Japanese medal in mens figure skating EVER! You are just too awesome for words, so I’ll just post a picture.


And Stephane Lambiel. You didn’t win any medals, but you get to be here just because you’re cute. Skate on. You may just get a medal when you least expect it.

Will you be mine?

I must say, figure skating is my favorite sport to watch. More like, MENs figure skating. I don’t care much for the girls. But seriously now, watching figure skating, more like, any Olympic sport is so…so…empowering. You can just see their dedication and you can feel their disappointments when they mess up and their total “YES!” when they have a perfect performance. It makes you feel like you have no more excuses. It convicts you.



Dance Dance

Woah, I’m doing a load of posts today. I guess I’m making up for all those days where I didn’t do that many. Funny isn’t it. Sometimes there’s a lot of stuff to write about and other days there’s basically nothing. It’s not equal or balanced.

Anywho, I was just thinking about Shizuoka because Mana had just updated her blog and blah blah blah. And I started thinking about So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 because we’d been watching it over there. And I remembered there was this one dance with Mollee and Jakob (Wasn’t that how his name was spelled?) and it was a smooth waltz or a Vietnamese waltz or something and I remembered REALLY liking it. So I went on Youtube and I looked it up and I found it and I watched it again and I still liked it and it was as good as I remembered it was (Breathe in) so I decided to post it here. It really is very beautiful.

And then in the related videos there was another one that I remembered liking but it wasn’t THAT great so I won’t post it. And THEN I found this one. It’s from Season 6 but I hadn’t watched it. So I watched it and I really really REALLY liked this one too, so I’ll post it here too.



If you want to be amazed MUST go to this site!

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