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(This is a letter that me and Anita wrote to mom while we were in Belgium back when we were in 3rd grade and 5th grade….This made me crack up. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing…so cute)

Thank you for writing us!!!!! Don’t worry, we have only eaten real Belgium fritz twice! We ate them at a place that specializes in fritz, and at the family reunion!!!!




Lethal Weapons

So there’s this really deadly weapon lying around the house. Like a threat to world peace sorta weapon. And here it is.

You may laugh, but this is seriously dangerous. If you use this sort of contraption often, I promise you that one day you’re head will decide to part ways with your neck. Permanently.

It can also be used as a choking device. See example below.

And just another picture that I wanted to post because Anita’s headband makes her look like she’s wearing a mushroom…

And a last picture that I took for Seiko, just because I was thinking about her today. I love you Seikochan. You’re really special

So Here’s Those Promised Portraits


This is the one that Anita drew. Even after she tweaked my nose half a million times, everyone still agreed that it looked odd. But it’s great. Anita has this way of making everything she does look super difficult and professional. You will do great things some day Anita. Things that involve selling paintings, publishing books and getting lots of money.

THIS ONE on the other hand is the one that I drew. Now, when it comes to art, lets just say that I have other talents. Anita was so frightened when I told her I wanted to use her art book, she made me draw from the back on the other side of some scribbles. But in my defense, even though there’s no complicated shading, I don’t think it’s THAT bad….


Or is it….?

This Is Strange

Hmmmm. Maybe not the funnest thing ever, but it sure is interesting. Anita is drawing my profile picture now. Like, I’m sitting here and she’s drawing me. (I’M SORRY FOR MOVING MY HEAD!)And apparently she just figured out what was wrong with my face. Yeah, I take slight offense in that comment. Our eyes just met and for some reason she started laughing at me. I think it’s either because my nostrils are big (She just said that) or because she was so mad that I moved she had to release her anger through laughter because yelling wouldn’t contain it. (Gasp. She just swore. Did you find your eraser dear? No, you DON’T have to erase everything. WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!) I will most definitely post of picture of the finished product when it’s finished. If it’s ever finished. And if it’s any good. Actually, even if it’s terrible, I’ll post it anyways to annoy Anita. Ahahahahahah. I just saw Anita coloring in my nostril (I’m sorry I’m a freak Anita) and it just reminded me way too much of Neo’s nostrils in the Doormatrix. I’ve just been scolded. And she’s laughing again. She must be really mad. You need to calm down Anita. (I’m SORRY my nose is crooked and difficult to draw. Yes yes, I’m so happy you got it perfectly. Finally) I think I’m just going to publish this post now and post the picture seperately. Because I’m getting bored of jotting down Anita’s every exclamation. Goodbye.

Uh….It’s me again, but since I’m still modeling (Gosh I feel so important saying that) I’ll just write some more. Anita say’s that the hardest thing to do is to draw my lips because they’re so perfec….what? I’m not making this up. I swear.

What are some other things going on here recently. Well, I’m considering asking Sam to play a game of Rumikube with me and Anita but I don’t want to knock on…SHHHHHHH!! He’s outside the room now. (Anita go and ask Sam in. It’s rude to keep them standing around. ANITA! GO!) Well he’s gone now. You really miffed it Anita. (I don’t care if my eyes are too far apart for your liking. Oh. You meant in the picture.) I just read my post through. This getting rather foolish and since I think Anita is almost done, I might just leave. For real this time. Anita says it usually takes her only a few minutes to finish a picture but I think she’s showing off because she knew I’d write that on my blog and that you would read it. (I don’t care if I’m weird. NOOOOOOOO! Don’t give me a wrinkle!!!!! I take it all back!) She says I look old. Actually, the ironic thing is, I just found a white hair on Anita’s head yesterday while she was sleeping. I took it out for her. Maybe she felt someone pulling her hair in a dream. Oh, and did you know that when you dream it means you’re brain isn’t sleeping? I just found that out today. Your brain sleeps? Isn’t it supposed to be telling you to do important stuff like breathe. Or telling your heart to pump? (Whoops. I just whipped my hair back. And apparently Anita has decided to stop drawing me and has turned me into Val Kilmer. Random, I know) She’s improvising now. I really must go. This is getting long and stupid and I still want to get Anita to ask Sam to play Rumikube. (I swear, he just moved in his room) I have just pasted a rather large and fake smile on my face (I’m also reading aloud while I type. Smiling, reading and typing at the same time is not as easy as people say) because Anita said that me with my Keira Knightly pout looks like Val Kilmer. I don’t know what to write anymore. (I’m NOT gritting my teeth!) Goodbye. (I’ve seen that word somewhere in this post before…..)

P.s. The bastard wind just blew everything off Anita’s shelf. It’s supposedly my fault.

P.p.s. SHE’S DONE! And me likey!

P.p.p.s. She’s re-doing my nose. She says I look like Lady Gaga pre -nose job in the picture

BBQ’s And A Family Reunion

Our dearest brother (Not dearest like he’s the most dear brother. Like “Dearly beloved” sorta dear) returned to us after being missing in action for the longest of time. And as is the Kempeneer way, we decided to have a BBQ to welcome him back. PLUS Martin came over so we had our entire family together for the first time in about….2 years. Which was pretty cool.

It’s a bit odd having Sam back. He’s been gone for so long it’s hard to get used to him actually being here. I ran into him on the way upstairs and I was  like “What are you doing here?”

But it IS cool that he’s here. He’s always been jumping around the place so I’m glad he’s staying for a good while. I need to find some time to talk to him about stuff, because we never actually talk. Just “Hi” each other in the morning.

Well here’s a pic…Hoping that all you readers are somewhere safe with you’re families…

This Post Is Going To Be Long AND It Has No Pictures…Read On

Yesterday was my graduation ceremony. Which is impossible. Because I only just entered junior high like, 3 days ago. But no matter how many times I told this to the ceremony organizers and demanded that they postpone the ceremony, they wouldn’t come to their slowly dwindling senses. So I had to graduate.

If you’ve never walked through a crowd of 1st and 2nd graders and mothers, you will have no idea how absolutely horrifying it is. You suddenly begin to question your ability to walk straight and do simple things like sit down without falling backwards. To top it off, the dude who was walking in front of me has legs as long as a water bug so I ended up opening a 2 person wide gap between us. But in the end I was able to sit down without bringing the chair down with me and the ceremony started.

After a few blah blah blah’s it was time to get our diplomas. Now, I had practiced this once, and I’d got it all wrong. I forgot to stand up at the right time, I forgot to stop at the stairs, I forgot to bow to the principle and I forgot to give the fake diploma back to the teacher waiting at the foot of the stairs. So naturally, I was rather worried. But when the time came I rose admirably to the situation. I got up on time, stopped at all 3 check points, bowed to the teacher and didn’t trip over myself while doing it. This is probably due to the fact that my entire morning break was spent practicing this part of the ceremony with a few of my good friends. Don’t think of me as a crybaby or anything, but I got all teary eyed when I got my diploma. Maybe it was because the end of school was finally in sight. Maybe it was the realization that I would probably never see a lot of my friends again. Or maybe I was just nervous. I cry when I’m nervous or embarrassed. I was in class 2, so we had to wait for 2 more classes to receive diplomas, but it wasn’t yawn inducing at all. I remember that at my 6th grade graduation ceremony I was so bored while my friends received their diplomas I could barely keep my eyes open. But this time it was really interesting to see how much everyone changed. Some people were the same old same old, but other people really improved. (Or unimproved)

Then there were about half a million people who wanted to congratulate us so we had to sit through that. And the cruel thing was that we couldn’t fall asleep because every time someone would walk up the stairs we’d have to stand and bow. There was this one lady who had to make a speech and for some reason she thought that she needed to memorize it. Which no one else did. And she made so many mistakes and stuttered and looked like she wanted to cry. Everyone felt so sorry for her, no one laughed.

Then this guy from the class next to mine gave a farewell speech and he could barely get through it because he was crying so hard. So of course everyone else started crying too. Then we all sang 「手紙」 and cried our eyes out and sniffed and did all matter of other girly things. And then we all walked out which was, once again, extremely embarrassing.

I could tell you all about after that. How we went back to our classroom and got together and made little speeches. And how we sang our class song …

…one last time and started the crying process all over again. I could also tell you how we made our teacher cry by giving him flowers and a letter that everyone had signed. I could even tell you how we all walked outside and how all the students were there to see us off. But I won’t. Because I don’t have time.


Okay, I’ll need to set this post up a little before I begin. Today for wordtime, me and the girls were listening to an audio read by Simon Peter (By the way, God bless you for dedicating so much of you time toward the spiritual benefit of those of us who are slightly challenged in usage of time and feel the need to multitask or are too lazy to read by ourselves, by reading the new letters when you could be doing something so much more productive, like hosting Music With Meaning. I salute you) Anyways, we were listening to a devotional audio called “Your Input, Your Choice, Your Spirit”l which is basically about addictions, how they affect your life and how to fight them. Now as we were listening, I started to become more and more convicted and began to feel rather small and weasly. (NOT because I was pretending to do something else while we were listening to the audio. I said NOT BECAUSE……)

When we first started listening I was absolutely convinced that this letter wasn’t for me, because COME ON! We all know that addictions are something super terrible like drugs or smoking or drinking, which, naturally, I have no problem with. Right? Wrong. I can’t remember the exact words, but somewhere along the line, addiction was described as “Great interest in something to which a lot of time is devoted.” And by and by I began to have a sneaky suspicion that maybe, just MAYBE I may have an addiction. Not to the aforementioned drugs and whatnot. Of course not. But I began to wonder if there may be a very small and probably insignificant chance that I may or may not be to some very very minuscule extent addicted to the internet.

I’m not talking about addicted to updating my blog (God forbid) or addicted to extensive use of Wikipedia. I’m talking about all the extras. The frivolous little things that actually have absolutely no importance to me or my future life or anybody for that matter. Our dear Simon Peter went on to name the symptoms of an addiction as…

* Difficulty cutting back on the object of addiction, even when you know you should.

* Automatically resorting to the object of addiction for pleasure or comfort without seriously considering alternatives.

* When the object of addiction is very frequently part of your thoughts, actions and words.

* Refusal to accept outside opinions and help in that area.

* Regular verbal or mental excuses, such as “people just don’t understand,” or, “I can stop any time, if I want to” (without ever doing so).

And with a sinking feeling in my stomach I evaluated myself. (using the above chart) Check, check, check, check, CHECK!

It wouldn’t exactly be correct to say that I totally panicked(!!! OMG!) but to be completely honest, I was a little more than slightly concerned. Simon Peter (God bless you) went on to talk about how addictions begin to have power over you and how they take away time from the important things, eventually leaving you with a load of information that you really have absolutely no use for in exchange for you usefulness and talents that you could have been honing or developing while you were busy whittling you time away through various…things. And I realized that I don’t want to be that person. The person who can tell you all about who’s dating who and who divorced who  and how many times so and so has been married but who has absolutely no idea how to change… say a light bulb. (Guilty as charged) And so, following the conveniently placed “Kick your addictions” checklist that just happened to be in the very next paragraph, I have decided to, once and for all, get rid of my totally sick and inexcusable reliance on the internet.

Checklist follows :

1) Find out if you have an addiction.
2) Honestly admit it EVERYONE
3) Figure out how to deal with it.


  1. Yes, no matter how I would like to deny this and attribute my excessive use of the internet to academic research, you can only use that excuse for so long.
  2. Look at “1”
  3. Pardon?

Oh. You’ve gotta do something about it? Up until this point, I was feeling rather good about myself. I had come to terms with and admitted to the entire word class that I indeed had an addiction. Shouldn’t that be enough. Sadly and quite obviously, no. So here’s the deal…

  • Until after dinner, NO internet use for anything that will not help me towards my ultimate goal of world domination self betterment. (And although I could sit here and argue my case for hours, I have come to the conclusion that Facebook, Celebrity Gossip and googling pictures of Olympic silver medalists and actors does not qualify as helpful)
  • NO reading on the computer for wordtime unless someone can see over my shoulder. Because no matter how honorable my intentions are, even the best of us fall sometimes.

And actually thats all for the time being. I don’t think I can stand the prospect of completely cutting out ALL internet time at once. As Simon Peter so wisely said, the secret is in a balance. Yeah. That guy is really smart.

Some Funny Things

(Has NOT been proofread!) Since I haven’t in a while. Right now I’m watching Seiko do her stretches. You hear that Mana?!?!?! We is being faithful. To being stretchy. Oh, and we just figured out that Anita can grab her leg and pull it up. Not ALL the way up, but higher than halfway. I totally didn’t expect her to be able to do that and I only asked her so I could laugh at her for being inflexible, but what do you know. She put me to shame. Maybe I should think through my motives before I ask someone to do something. It all comes back to you. Like a boomerang. But yeah, here’s some funny things. Just to make you laugh a little.

"Un"involved in Africe

Stealing your change


When you know you've failed

When you know you've failed

Coincidence? Or not

More coming later…..And how adorable is Evgeni Plushenko?

New Word Of The Day : Malling

Malling. The ancient art of strolling about a mall and coveting all the things that you know you can’t have and staring enviously at the people who rush out of the various shops laden with bulging shopping bags. Basically, breaking the 7th(?) covenant. The one that says “thou shalt not covet”. What could be funner. (This is like totally random, but I need to get rid of the yellow nailpolish I have on my toenails….It looks…unhealthy) So me and Nana and Seiko and Anita were driven to Apita-town by our chauffeur , who is sometimes known by me and my siblings as mom. We spent the entire time in the car listening to Taylor Swift.

Her songs are really so cute. I think what appeals to people is the fact that she’s so simple and childlike in the way she looks at love and relationships and life in general. And she’s very honest and says how she feels and writes catchy songs. I just wanna give her a hug.

But back to our malling. (Right now Anita and Seiko are playing air hockey. Random right? Just thought I’d mention that because it’s something that doesn’t happen everyday) We started off not really doing anything. Wandering around. We couldn’t find the cool stores and were rather confused when we realized that we were in the west wing and the awesome stuff was in the east wing. So we traveled over there and malled around for awhile. But then we decided that we were hungry and proceeded to plod right back to the west wing where we bought some ice cream and cream rolls. (Thanks Anita and Seiko!) I thought it was a little funny and, correct me if I use this word in the wrong context, ironic, that although we bought the instant, packaged bread, right next the instant stuff was a real bakery with freshly baked pastries. Just saying.

We were all actually really tired today and acting rather lazy and not in a malling mood. So we just called up mom and asked her to come and pick us up. But of course she needed to drink some coffee. So while she was doing that, she sent us off to the First Kitchen to buy some…..FRENCH FRIES!! My most favorite snacky in the entire world! Seiko had totally randomly picked up a discount coupon and upon looking at it we realized it was a….First Kitchen coupon. Which was pretty cool. We got 100 yen off for 2 L packs.

I think we got Consome and Corn Potage flavored frits.

And I think I should mention that we had like….6 or 7 different dips for our frits. There was ketchup, spicy tomato sauce, barbecue (Which was my favorite), garlic, menntaiko mayonnaise, and some weird unidentified sauce which we all decided was rotten and threw away. (Okay fine, FIVE)

And then of course 2 packs wasn’t enough, so we went and bought another one. You could buy up to 5 packs of frits with one coupon, so we were able to buy the third one with a discount too. This time we got cheese flavored ones.

And then we headed home. And we once again listened to Taylor Swift all the way.

(Right now I am extremely tired. So if I’m not exactly making sense right now, I’ll fix it by tomorrow if I’m feeling lazy)

Day 2 – Of Seiko Being Here

First of all, before we write anything.


Thanks Mana. That really touched my heart. And these are the cookies that we made…


…Not. But this is how they were supposed to turn out. So of course they were totally different.

I think Seiko's helping too

Working ladies. And a camera man/woman

The near finished product

Finishing touches

This is where Anita suddenly and rather mysteriously appeared

The finished product

The first time they weren’t quite cooked so we put them in again. Then finally they were done and we sat around to watch reruns of the Olympic Men’s Figure Skating Short and Free Programs. (Brian Joubert’s free program was really really REALLY sad)

And here we are. Showing Daichan some love

Just becuase I like Pluchenko. JUMP!

And then we dragged our lazy selfs down to the park for get out. Or swinging on the swings and stretching. We were stretching for about an hour in all. And I was trying to do a cartwheel for half the time. I think I’m a little better than when we started. Thats called progress.

Off to see the wizard....the wonderful wizard of PARK

Seiko has cameraphobia. She avoids camera flash at all costs

And finally we all headed back home for a round of Jinnseigame. The world one. I (Tehee tehee) won again. (NO, I didn’t cheat! I just got lucky!) I hope the other people aren’t sore losers.

I'm losing....

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