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Seiko Has Left Us

I have purposely ignored writing this post for sometime now because I wasn’t quite able to come to terms with the fact that Seiko has indeed left us for that other home. Abandoned us if you will. And now I must face the facts that are screaming rather loudly in my ear and proceed to write my farewell post. (Which you all knew was coming)

Dear Seiko. Thanks so much for coming. It was really great fun. And sorry that we couldn’t really do anything. (Although that pizza making and taking purikuras and eating at MacDonald’s was pretty exciting) Even if all we ever really did was hang around at the park and practice cartwheels and play leapfrog and then come home and have a game of Rumikube, I was still super glad that you came.

And you must come again sometime soon. Next time I’ll try to think of more things to do:D

Oh, and thanks for putting up with my terrible guitar playing. You probably didn’t want to practice with me sometimes and I bet the whole time you were thinking, “AGAIN?” but thanks for putting up with me anyways. I really appreciated it.

Love you TONZ and miss you even more!! Come back soon. Muwah!


Day 2 – Of Seiko Being Here

First of all, before we write anything.


Thanks Mana. That really touched my heart. And these are the cookies that we made…


…Not. But this is how they were supposed to turn out. So of course they were totally different.

I think Seiko's helping too

Working ladies. And a camera man/woman

The near finished product

Finishing touches

This is where Anita suddenly and rather mysteriously appeared

The finished product

The first time they weren’t quite cooked so we put them in again. Then finally they were done and we sat around to watch reruns of the Olympic Men’s Figure Skating Short and Free Programs. (Brian Joubert’s free program was really really REALLY sad)

And here we are. Showing Daichan some love

Just becuase I like Pluchenko. JUMP!

And then we dragged our lazy selfs down to the park for get out. Or swinging on the swings and stretching. We were stretching for about an hour in all. And I was trying to do a cartwheel for half the time. I think I’m a little better than when we started. Thats called progress.

Off to see the wizard....the wonderful wizard of PARK

Seiko has cameraphobia. She avoids camera flash at all costs

And finally we all headed back home for a round of Jinnseigame. The world one. I (Tehee tehee) won again. (NO, I didn’t cheat! I just got lucky!) I hope the other people aren’t sore losers.

I'm losing....

Day 1 – Of Seiko Being Here

This ones for you Mana. Sort of. Weeeeeell, in the morning we made pancakes. Greeeeeen pancakes. Just like the good old days. Although I don’t remember ever having green pancakes in Shizuoka. Unless they were secretly filled with spinach. Which Seiko tells me tended to happen before. But then, I was the one who helped make them so unless Seiko was a little sneak and slipped some in, I think I’m clean.

Then we had wordtime blah blah blah. After that we kind of lounged around not knowing what to do until we decided to… Jinnseigame!! We had bought it before but this was my first time playing it. It was very fun. I lost my job halfway through and Seiko went to the moon but we all got to my mansion safely. (Yes, I won) Nana lost some kids and Anita only got one, but its all okay. Anita and Seiko and Nana had some shady moments in Vegas where I almost thought I’d lost them to gambling, but they got out. With considerably lighter pockets. That was fun.

Its only a gambling problem if you're losing

After that we all plodded (Does anyone else remember “A Knights Tale”?) our way to the Alplaza and took purikuras and had a McFlurry. (We hope Mana will be able to deal with her jealousy. I hope we’re still friends) The puris turned out really great and we had all the time in the world to decorate them. I would post pictures of them, but I can’t get any good ones. Will continue trying. And then we got back and are now sitting around looking at videos of Evan Lysacek and making his picture album on Facebook. (Come to think of it, as soon as I mentioned doing that, Seiko had to go to the bathroom and Anita felt a sudden desire for her furry socks) Oh, and Seiko is playing with Fishville.


Finally finally FINALLY Seiko is coming tomorrow!!!!!

I’m actually doing school now, so I don’t have much time to go into a long kaboosh, but I just thought I’d get it out there that I’m SUPER excited to have Seiko come over. As is everyone else. Don’t worry Seiko. We’ll have tonz of fun while you’re here. It’ll be so cool! We’ll go…uh…..we’ll go to…..that place….and uh…that other place….and do those things…you know?

Anyways, love you SO much and can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Muwah!


ARGH! I am seriously distressed right now. And guess who’s fault it is. I won’t say because that’s mean and the poor (Or not so poor) little devil’s career will be destroyed. (It starts with M….and it’s partly a miss S’s fault too. And they both live in the Pine Home in Shizuoka. But I won’ tell. Because that’s low.) This is my problem.

MIKANS! Well, not exactly. My real problem is the little white stringy things that are on the mikans. Back in Shizuoka, a certain sombodies decided that they just HAD to peel off all the little stringy things before they could eat the mikans. I didn’t think anything of it at first. In fact, I thought it was a waste of time a very stupid. But since I got back home, I noticed that I had started peeling them too. It was very involuntary and unconscious. Subconscious is the word. Like breathing and your heart pumping and stuff. And it’s gotten so bad that now I can’t eat my mikans without purging them first. No really, I. CAN’T. EAT. THEM. It really really bothers me.

Prayer For A Friend

Another song by the Casting Crowns. So beautiful. For all me friends out there who are struggling. I know who you are.

Quote Of The Day – Aristotle

Aristotle once described friends as,

“A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”

I Have Been Doing Way Too Many Posts These Days

I really really have. Its probably because I want to be sure Mana and Seiko know all about whats going on over here. To make them jealous. NO!!! Im JOKING!!! IM JOKING! I would NEVER have those sorta evil intentions…..Its probably because I miss them so much, and we all have so many fond memories (So many??? Well, its seems like so many.) of reading blog posts together, that by posting, it makes me feel closerto them. Wow, what a sob story.

ANYWAY, I didnt make an entire post JUST for that. I actually made this because I just discovered a new trailer for my most anticipated movie of next year. PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTENING THIEF! I cant wait! Ever since I read the books, Ive wanted to watch the movie. Even when I didnt know they were making one. Actually, I fantasized that I would be the one to play the main girl character, but some little snizzle snizzled me out. If I ever meet that girl……

YAY! We get to see more Sean Bean!! (Hi5 Mana!)

Other Christmas Photos Which JUST Might Get Me Killed By My Friends

Heres the rest of the photos from yesterdays Christmas party. I finally got up of my lazy….and got the keitai microSD adapter thing. (At least I think thats what its called…..This post WILL NOT be long. Ive promised myself that. Because recently Ive kinda noticed that all my posts are getting long and rather tedious and… I go again…..

A Christmas Party And Foolish Friends.

BEFORE we do anything, I would like to put up the link for my lovely older sisters blog:  NANA!!! (Thats not the blog. Thats my older sisters name.) Heres the link: I just felt bad because every night since I got back home, me and Nana have stayed up pretty late and all that we basically did was update my blog (On my part) and watch me update my blog. (On Nanas part.) SORRY NANA! I DO feel a little bit bad. Sorry, I just really like updating my blog. It will probably wear off soon………Really, the only reason Ive been updating my blog recently with all these crazy, long, very forced humor posts is because I got all into the blogging mode after coming back from the Pines Home. Just because I realized while I was over there that somebody besides my mom and dad read this blog. Man, that made me feel great.

Now then, this post is for Seiko. Because I distinctly remember her asking me to post about this party. Seiko, my dear, I wish you could have been here with us. To begin with, we got in the car. And drove to Kyoto……(If you couldnt figure it out that far by yourself, you are a pretty sad person.) I only remember the last bit of the journey because the roads leading up to the new McCivor house was pretty scary, because there were these HUGE ditches on either side of the road. Anyways, we got there safely without falling into any ditches and with all tires intact. I really like their new house. Its really big and roomy and the style is pretty interesting.

(I stole this photo……)

Okay, Mana, youll be so proud of me. I was such a shiner during the dinner preparations. I washed ALL the dishes ALL by myself!!! And Melanie and Jenny ran off upstairs to watch Saturday Night Live. Whos getting more stars on their crown now????? AHA! Dinner was great. I served my plate, but then after I was done, Melanie grabbed it and Celeste served it all over again because they thought I was too skinny and I needed to eat more….. huh??? Isnt that what they do to the pigs…….fatten them up…..and then they….EAT THEM? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  So now, I feel very full and satisfied and a little bit sick. Thanks Celeste. The food was good.

After dinner the gals all hung out. I have more fun pictures from the party on my phone, but I will have to find a card reader for that. I promise to get around to that tomorrow. For now, be happy with these.

Trying to hide the HUGE bags under our (OKAY….my) eyes.

Trying to be a little bit cooler than we already are.

Yes, I AM grabbing Melanies boob. Its a joke mom.

I was trying to go for the cool shiek look, but instead I look like I was craning my neck for a spot in the picture.

I am so destroying the spirit of foolish unity by being on my phone….I look like one of those snobby people who ignore the people around them and text other people on their phones. Thats basically saying, “Hey, I hate the people who Im with. They are boring. Would you like to chat with me.” and rubbing it into the boring persons face.

Again with the wicked phone

Yo. Whats up dog. We is getting down in the hood man. Dude…..ahhhhhhhh. Jenny was going ON AND ON about that sorta nonsense today

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