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Men In Tights

From the movie we watched yesterday. Had to watch it about 2 dozen times. We even re-winded it once it was finished to watch this part again:D


I’ll Make A Man Out Of You

I remember when I first watched Mulan  I was like….7 or 8 and I remember thinking that this song was SOOOO cool. Will I be laughed at if I say that I still think it’s cool? I’m out on a limb here.

Movie Moment : Pirates Of The Caribbean

Haven’t updated in a while. Seiko’s here and she distracts my creative writing abilities. Yes Seiko, I hear you laughing hysterically right next to me. Calm down. Okay, so we just finished watching “Pirates of the Caribbean – Curse of the Black Pearl”. It was Seiko’s first time watching. Times that by like…..12 and you’ll get a slight idea of how many times I’ve seen it. But its totally fine. Just one more chance to swoon over Johnny Depp.

Who is such a macho man not matter what ANYONE says. Aaaaaaaaand Jack Sparrow is just the most brilliant, funny, shmexy and cool character that a movie has ever produced.

Anyways, its probably impossible, but if there’s anyone out there who hasn’t seen this super awesome movie, I am ashamed of you. And that is that.

Movie Moment : The Boat That Rocked

Man, I haven’t done a post about movies in a while. Not for lack of movies. It’s just that some of the ones we’ve been watching didn’t REALLY stand out to me. But finally there IS a movie that was good enough to leap frog itself from the TV screen to an honored space on my blog. Such a special moment.

The subject of this excitement. “The Boat That Rocked”.Warning. Not for the faint of heart.

1 Boat. 8 DJs. No Morals.

This movie was SO great. Just a whole lot of fun. Now, I’m not sure you’ll feel comfortable watching this movie around your parents, but I WILL promise you one thing. You. Will. Laugh. Through the whole movie. One of those movies that will actually make you laugh till you honestly can’t laugh anymore.

If you could only watch one movie for the next….say…..3 months, watch “The Boat That Rocked.”

Still Not Growing Up

After having a fun filled free day which consisted mainly of dressing up dolls and making a mess in the kitchen, we (As in me and the other girlzes and surprisingly dad and a blissfully slumbering mom) decided to end our peaceful day in a light hearted fashion.

This one was my favorite episode. Out of the ones we’ve watched so far. Ain’t that fox just too adorable? Anyways, rewinding a little. These delightful little episodes are from a series called “Yogi Bear”. They’re called that because the show centers around a bear called Yogi. Although, his name and the name of his little bear friend, Booboo, change a lot throughout the different episodes. It’s weird. You’ll get what I’m saying if you watch them. Maybe you’ve seen Yogi Bear hanging around at the supermarket. No, really. But this IS Japan. I’m not sure if we have Yogi flakes here.

The series are pretty cute. They’re old enough to get away with the silly rhyming and the contradicting scenery. (You’ll get what I’m saying as soon as you watch 4 or 5 episodes.) All of them are pretty short. 7 minutes. The first few ones are slightly depressing in a way. They don’t end all that…..happily for Yogi Bear. Funnily, but not happily. (I wonder, is “Bear” his last name or is it just there so that we know that Yogi is a bear? Think about it.) But don’t worry, the depression only lasts for a few episodes.  Anyways, if you care to watch the rest, here’s the link. They’re all on Youtube.

I will refrain from all childish activity after the publishing of this post. Unless we decide to watch “The Story Keepers” tonight. Can’t say no to Ben the Baker!………….

Movie Moment – Stuck On You

This movie’s so cute. And it’s funny. And it’s just a really great movie to watch if you want to have a laugh. It’s not intense or complicated or depressing or anything.

It’s about two “conjoined” twin brothers. One is a chef and the other wants to be an actor.

Movie Moment – Bourne Identity

This movie is SO awesome. I’m not even going to tell you what it’s about because you should already know. And if you don’t then you seriously need to watch it, like, right now.

The Cake Man

Chris Pine is so adorable.

Movie Moment : Holiday Inn

Saw this today while we were waiting for our food to get cooked….I’m sorry dad, smoked. I REALLY love this sorta old black and white movies. They are such fun and the humor is just…..funny. What  more can you say. And the people are actually talented. They can sing and they can dance. AND everything works out great in the end. Everything is so simple, just how I like it. If you enjoy dancing, this movie is a must see. The dancing is great, Fred Astaire is a GENIUS and the singing is so beautiful. (Hello Bing Crosby.) Enjoy the movie gallery below.

Don’t let this poster fool you. The movie ain’t in color. Well……it might be. Someone may have taken the time to color it in and release an updated version. You never know. That’s what happened to Robin Hood.

I always thought that old Hollywood was so glamorous and classy. I mean, look at these guys.

This picture comes from this REALLY awesome dance that Frank Astaire did which involves him tap dancing AND throwing mini firecrackers on the ground. So awesome. This guy is seriously the best dancer I have ever seen. The funny thing is, if I was any younger, I’d call this style boring, but now that I’m older I have an appreciation for the beautiful art that is tap dancing. God, I sound so deep.


This is the iconic scene where Bing Crosby and Marjorie Reynolds sing “White Christmas” for the first time in history. Man, if only they knew where that song would go.

And finally, my favorite dance from the movie. Wellllll………..I liked this one a whole lot. There WERE a few other ones that I liked too, but I couldn’t find them on Youtube. So I’ll post this one for now (Because it IS very beautiful) and I’ll post the other ones when I find them IF I find them. Enjoy.

Im A Little Bit Obsessed

With Chris Pine.

Well, I dont know if thats what you would call frantically googling (SOMEONE GOOGLE GAGA! Sorry, you won’t get that unless you’re name is Anita.) every movie he’s ever been in and pleading with dad to rent them for us. Anyways, the first one we saw was one you probably all know and have seen secretly like half a dozen times. Star Trek. The new one. Unless Chris Pine made a cameo in one of the older ones as a baby. In that case….

Then we saw “Just My Luck”. Its actually with Lindsay Lohan too. About this girl whos “lucky” and a guy whos “unlucky” and how they’re luck gets switched. Really funny, really cute.

And finally (So far) “Blind Dating”. This is a really, really good movie. About this blind kid whos going in for an operation that might restore his sight WHILE he tries to figure out…..girls. Its really funny too.

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