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This Is Kinda Cute

Recently this kid has been everywhere and apparently he’s a big deal. His name’s Justin Bieber. I’d heard a lot about him and just passed him off as this little pop star who can’t really sing and blah blah blah. But just now I was kinda like, “Let’s actually listen to one of his songs.” And I did and was pretty surprised because his songs are pretty catchy. Not really pop songish. More R and B(?) Quite a cool kid and not a bad dancer. And he’s around my age. Just turned 16 or something. So yeah. Have a listen. The songs are pretty good.


Men In Tights

From the movie we watched yesterday. Had to watch it about 2 dozen times. We even re-winded it once it was finished to watch this part again:D

I’ll Make A Man Out Of You

I remember when I first watched Mulan  I was like….7 or 8 and I remember thinking that this song was SOOOO cool. Will I be laughed at if I say that I still think it’s cool? I’m out on a limb here.

New Word Of The Day : Malling

Malling. The ancient art of strolling about a mall and coveting all the things that you know you can’t have and staring enviously at the people who rush out of the various shops laden with bulging shopping bags. Basically, breaking the 7th(?) covenant. The one that says “thou shalt not covet”. What could be funner. (This is like totally random, but I need to get rid of the yellow nailpolish I have on my toenails….It looks…unhealthy) So me and Nana and Seiko and Anita were driven to Apita-town by our chauffeur , who is sometimes known by me and my siblings as mom. We spent the entire time in the car listening to Taylor Swift.

Her songs are really so cute. I think what appeals to people is the fact that she’s so simple and childlike in the way she looks at love and relationships and life in general. And she’s very honest and says how she feels and writes catchy songs. I just wanna give her a hug.

But back to our malling. (Right now Anita and Seiko are playing air hockey. Random right? Just thought I’d mention that because it’s something that doesn’t happen everyday) We started off not really doing anything. Wandering around. We couldn’t find the cool stores and were rather confused when we realized that we were in the west wing and the awesome stuff was in the east wing. So we traveled over there and malled around for awhile. But then we decided that we were hungry and proceeded to plod right back to the west wing where we bought some ice cream and cream rolls. (Thanks Anita and Seiko!) I thought it was a little funny and, correct me if I use this word in the wrong context, ironic, that although we bought the instant, packaged bread, right next the instant stuff was a real bakery with freshly baked pastries. Just saying.

We were all actually really tired today and acting rather lazy and not in a malling mood. So we just called up mom and asked her to come and pick us up. But of course she needed to drink some coffee. So while she was doing that, she sent us off to the First Kitchen to buy some…..FRENCH FRIES!! My most favorite snacky in the entire world! Seiko had totally randomly picked up a discount coupon and upon looking at it we realized it was a….First Kitchen coupon. Which was pretty cool. We got 100 yen off for 2 L packs.

I think we got Consome and Corn Potage flavored frits.

And I think I should mention that we had like….6 or 7 different dips for our frits. There was ketchup, spicy tomato sauce, barbecue (Which was my favorite), garlic, menntaiko mayonnaise, and some weird unidentified sauce which we all decided was rotten and threw away. (Okay fine, FIVE)

And then of course 2 packs wasn’t enough, so we went and bought another one. You could buy up to 5 packs of frits with one coupon, so we were able to buy the third one with a discount too. This time we got cheese flavored ones.

And then we headed home. And we once again listened to Taylor Swift all the way.

(Right now I am extremely tired. So if I’m not exactly making sense right now, I’ll fix it by tomorrow if I’m feeling lazy)

Musical Moment : Michael Bubble

Recently, a friend of mine has been covering her Facebook page with declarations of her love for a certain Michael Bubble. I must say, after the 120th post that went something along the line of “OMG YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS! I LOVE MICHAEL BUBBLE!” it was beginning to get slightly annoying. But just today I actually decided to listen to one of his songs. And honestly, they’re really cute. Not everyone may like them. They’re really love it hate it. But I’ll post a few here. You can decide for yourself.

Musical Moment : Matthew West

Great song. “The Motions”.

Movie Moment : Holiday Inn

Saw this today while we were waiting for our food to get cooked….I’m sorry dad, smoked. I REALLY love this sorta old black and white movies. They are such fun and the humor is just…..funny. What  more can you say. And the people are actually talented. They can sing and they can dance. AND everything works out great in the end. Everything is so simple, just how I like it. If you enjoy dancing, this movie is a must see. The dancing is great, Fred Astaire is a GENIUS and the singing is so beautiful. (Hello Bing Crosby.) Enjoy the movie gallery below.

Don’t let this poster fool you. The movie ain’t in color. Well……it might be. Someone may have taken the time to color it in and release an updated version. You never know. That’s what happened to Robin Hood.

I always thought that old Hollywood was so glamorous and classy. I mean, look at these guys.

This picture comes from this REALLY awesome dance that Frank Astaire did which involves him tap dancing AND throwing mini firecrackers on the ground. So awesome. This guy is seriously the best dancer I have ever seen. The funny thing is, if I was any younger, I’d call this style boring, but now that I’m older I have an appreciation for the beautiful art that is tap dancing. God, I sound so deep.


This is the iconic scene where Bing Crosby and Marjorie Reynolds sing “White Christmas” for the first time in history. Man, if only they knew where that song would go.

And finally, my favorite dance from the movie. Wellllll………..I liked this one a whole lot. There WERE a few other ones that I liked too, but I couldn’t find them on Youtube. So I’ll post this one for now (Because it IS very beautiful) and I’ll post the other ones when I find them IF I find them. Enjoy.

Prayer For A Friend

Another song by the Casting Crowns. So beautiful. For all me friends out there who are struggling. I know who you are.

Just Because We Have Been Watching James Bond Recently

So since we have been going through the James Bond movies recently (We stopped after watching Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Come to think of it, Daniel Craig just happens to be in both of those.) I was skimming through the soundtracks on Wikipedia, and I happened to find a few famous names. (On the soundtracks, not on Wikipedia in general.)  Namely, Madonna, Alicia Keys and thats about it.  And I actually really like them, so Im just posting them over here.

Madonnas soundtrack for “James Bond – Die Another Day.” The song’s called…..Die Another Day. How original.  Skip along to about the 20 second mark for the start of the song. Because they really wanted to make sure that you’d know it was Madonna singing this song. Because you know, not all that many people know what she looks like.

This one is the soundtrack for “James Bond – Quantum of Solace.” Its with Alicia Keys and Jack White. Alicia Keys’ eyelashes look rather frightening in this one. And I swear, something is wrong with this Jack person.

Both of the songs are actually rather tragic and sad, but I suppose thats how people like them nowadays.

Its actually quite funny. Since we’ve been watching all this James Bond, Ive begun speaking English. Uh, English as in the sort of English people from England speak. Not American English. You know…”Hmm, yes dear, some tea would be quite charming.” and “The names Segawa…Melissa Segawa.”


No seriously. I have never heard anything as totally amazing as this. Just listen. Words cannot describe this total awesomeness. DJ Earworm (Yes, he is real. And no, he is not a figment of my imagination.) you are my hero.

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